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View From the Inside

You go into someone’s home or you see a picture in a magazine and you’re thinking…”I wish my living room looked like that!” A great place to start is with curtains. Mini blinds are easy and inexpensive but not very exciting, if you really want to jazz up your space and “dress” your window then you should consider adding a set of panels to frame your view to the outside. First decide what kind of look are you going for. Do you want pleated curtains with an elegant refined look or maybe fun panels with an outgoing pattern on them. Perhaps you are into more of an ethereal feel and a set of lightly colored shear curtains would provide you with the look you desire.

Measure your windows height and width. It may be helpful to also measure from floor to ceiling as well, as long as the space does not have vaulted ceilings. The extra height may require custom tailoring. Write the measurements down and keep them with you when making your trip to the store. You will also need to purchase rods and possibly hardware to hang the curtains on. Typically you want your rod and curtains to be hung between the top of the window frame and ceiling. If the space between is more than 12inches you will want to measure about 4 to 6inches above the window frame.  Depending on he space available and the look you are going for you will measure out at least 4 inches from the sides of the windows to hang the brackets for the rod. If you have a large room and you want to make it appear as if there is more window space you can make the space from the start of the rod to the window even wider. Your drapes should at least touch the floor if not be a bit longer.

Do not worry about having a perfect match. Be creative and make a statement. If you love purple paisley, then go for it. If nothing else; you will have a conversation piece.

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